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We are a team of developers trying to innovate in the field of software engineering. We seek to offer the best services in relation to developing web applications, using current and efficient methodologies and tools.

We like the programming and we have the tools and expertise to help. We want to be participants in the technological development of your company or organization. We believe we have good ideas to share. You can see some of our work and read about our services.

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We turn your ideas into code

Web Development

We can develop the website you want for your company! Using the latest tools and technologies in order to bring your digital image to more users through any device.

Mobile Apps

You can have your own Android app! We will design and code it for you, in a few weeks you'll have your brand's app on Google PlayStore.

Search Engine Optimization

We know you want to reach more users, that's why we offer our services for improving your companys's position on the web by using the latest practices on search engine optimization.

Social Management

Your presence on social networks is vital for your web presentation, thats why we put a team of community managers at your service. They'll manage your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts, creating quality content based on your services and your followers's feedback.


Do you need short time hosting service? We provide the solution, ask for our short time hosting plans and services.


Quenya-Software cares about developers, contact us to know about our limited deployment services so you can deploy and test yout apps and show them to your clients before taking the next steps.

{ Our Projects }

See our work

We are wizards of code!

We are the keepers of the JavaScript's secret power, so we build web apps with it's more powerful framework: AngularJS.

Our power spreads to the servers of the world, we'll destroy the blocking walls of the ancient techniques by working with NodeJS.

Magic is about change, let's get rid of the static patterns and join the Mongo's non-relational schema.